FIABRICA, with its workshop projects, acts mainly in Social field.

Workshop project foresees the development of an innovative pedagogical path through the integration of artistic tools. Therefore, through a path with purely pedagogical purposes, puppetry, mask theater, clown, plastic art, illustration and writing are integrated.

Two conductors alternate their leading, guiding participants in an organic and dynamic path.

Create and live stories, build and play characters works indirectly on personal and collective conditions.

By recovering the popular tradition, therefore its roots, it will be possible to communicate more consciously in the contemporary world.

A protected environment is offered to express themselves without judgment and limiting rules.

Art feeds on imbalance and perceives it as an opportunity. The narrowness of a condition, with its finite being, offers, paradoxically, the possibility of freeing the imagination, of going beyond that barrier, real or not. In the theater, art feeds on the relationship to bring the individual to feel part of a whole, triggering active behavior.


To attend an art pedagogy workshop turns out to be a starting point for an awareness movement of themselves and of social rehabilitation.

The workshop can be activated in different ways and can be experienced in groups or individually.



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