"Fiabrica presents the innovative theatre."

"Lacrima: earthquake rises today on stage."

"Interestingly, theatrical creation Lacrima, which has seen actors pick up ideas in areas of natural disasters:

central Italy, Padua and Pompeii."

"Cappuccetto rosso fairy tale becomes lesson on stage"

"Fiabrica was selected at the Otello Sarzi Award 2017. [...] Fiabrica in Residenza concludes with an important attestation, which rewards its validity and originality."

Michelangelo Cecchetto - Il Gazzettino


"Fairy tales and masks, theatre is for everyone"

"Fiabrica in Residenza. A project of stories collected and told " 

"A great job is that proposed by the actors of Fiabrica, Fabrizio Bellino and Aurora Grasso [...]. To emphasize the importance of the cultural proposal, the news that their study project, that of Cappuccetto e il Lupo bianco, was selected to participate in the Otello Sarzi Award 2017, under the Marameo Festival. "

Mattia Rossetto - il mattino


"Cappuccetto e il Lupo bianco, presented by Fiabrica, comes from a quest for fairy tales. We find a sdrammatized Cappuccetto with a red clown nose, but strangely makes her more mature, more serious, less naive, and then there is the inevitable Lupo, white this time, we would almost like to protect ... An interesting and intelligent play that it looks good in production thanks to the talent of

the two good protagonists. [...] "

Renata Rabeschini - Utopia


"Very interesting [...] intelligent remake of the famous fairy tale by Fiabrica Cappuccetto e il Lupo bianco [...]"

Mario Bianchi - Eolo Magazine


"When the Theatre meets with Pedagogy it does in Fiabrica" 

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