Giro giro tondo 

casca il mondo

trema la terra

tutti giù per terra!

Ho perso la mia lacrima.


LACRIMA Carnevale dei Cosmi is the result of a theater series in dialogue with the audience, by FIABRICA within Fiabrica in Residenza, Theatre and Pedagogy project inhabited by Aurora Grasso and Fabrizio Bellino at Palazzo Pretorio di Cittadella (PD), activated by Fondazione Palazzo Pretorio, with the support of the Municipality, in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Social Services.

FIABRICA carried out investigations in various areas of Italy affected by natural disasters, in the areas of Central Italy affected by the earthquake, the Vesuvius area and the excavations of Pompeii, and in Veneto areas affected recently by the flood and tornado. In this project, FIABRICA has also benefited from the collaboration of Monique Arnaud, international exponent of Japanese Nō Theatre. In a relationship of exchange and cultural interaction, with this figure FIABRICA has conducted a research path that has seen steps of thinking on the different approaches of the West and the Orient, both from the human and artistic point of view, on the relationship human and nature.

Audience interventions were important, then reworked by the artists. Thus, an original theatrical tale is born that aims to be emotional support and thinking, always through poetry of masks, red nose and puppets.


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