AURORA GRASSO was born in a medieval village, embraced by castles and fields, the Brenta River and the factories, not far from the mountains, in Veneto, but part of her origins comes from the island of Etna.

She graduated as an actress, at the Venetian Theatre Academy of Venice, directed by Renato Gatto.

She graduated at the University Ca 'Foscari of Venice in History and Philosophy, with a thesis on the theatrical masks, studying with Giorgio Brianese and Umberto Galimberti.

She graduated in Art Theatre Counseling, with a thesis on theatre direction, at the European Theatre Institute in Rome, accredited by M.I.U.R., directed by Mariagiovanna Rosati Hansen, actress of Jerzy Grotowski and Peter Brook.

She carried out her traineeship at the School Counseling CIPA in collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata. This path has allowed her to acquire great expertise and competence in the artistic and pedagogical field and in the leading groups of all ages and social backgrounds.

She deepened her study of voice and singing with Renato Gatto, Sandra Mangini, Enrica Bacchia, Sonia Fontana, Abe Rie, Patryk Pawlak, Mayumi Matsuo.

She studied diction and spellings with Antonino Varvarà and theatre history with Roberto Cuppone.

She also deepened her competence in theatre dance and contemporary dance with Laura Moro, Silvia Gribaudi, Frank Radug and Marigia Maggipinto.

She had been initiated to the Clown’s world and the neutral mask by Giovanni Fusetti, experiencing the Lecoq method.

She was selected as well to participate in the Master in Commedia dell'Arte conducted by Carlo Boso in Rome.

She studied the mask construction, in particular with Master Gianni Polesello from Venice.  

She attended laboratories and seminars held by some of the most important exponents of the contemporary theatre scene, as Giuliana Musso at Centro Teatrale Umbro, Alessandro Serra di Teatropersona, Enrico Castellani di Babilonia Teatri, Vitaliano Trevisan at Fondazione Venezia, Massimo Munaro di Teatro del Lemming at Teatro Momo, Mestre.

As a radio speaker for Radio Ca 'Foscari, she has designed and conducted a program about Theatre.

She deepened the art of puppets at Theatre La Casetta in Rome, directed by Federica Mancini, accredited centre in this field. 

She is actress in Donne e Madonne by Giovanni Poli directed by Michele Modesto Casarin, in Woyzeck by Georg Büchner directed by Adriano Iurissevich, in I Figuranti by Josè Sanchis Sinisterra directed by Roberto Serpi.

She is actress and creator in AltrOltre, Sogno di un centro di mezzo ascolto, Il marinaio, ConTatto, Il mondo non esploderà, Rugiada sul petrolio, If I can’t dance it’s not my revolution, Ceo Pajaro, Tre corde, L’opera vagante, Agamennone, Lo zoo di vetro, Il bicchiere nella staffa, Aspettando Godot.

Her play Prostat was selected for the Rome Theatre Award.

FABRIZIO BELLINO comes from a town nestled among the olive trees and the railways, the almond trees and eco-monsters, not far from the sea, in Puglia looking at the East.

He graduated in Dramaturgy and Screenplay at the National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio D'Amico in Rome, trained, amongst others, by Daniela Bortignoni, Roberto Cavosi, Ugo Chiti, Luciano Colavero, Maria Letizia Compatangelo, Edoardo Erba, Giancarlo Germino, Giovanni Greco, Umberto Marino, Stefano Piani, Sergio Pierattini, Andrea Purgatori, Giuseppe Rocca, Lorenzo Salveti.

He graduated in Science of legal services, with a thesis on the theatre and the cinema inside prisons, at the Faculty of Law, University of Bari Aldo Moro, studying, amongst others, with Enzo Maria Dell'Andro and Guglielmo Siniscalchi.

He graduated in theatre direction with the play Due emigranti, at the European Theatre Academy in Rome, accredited by M.I.U.R., directed by Mariagiovanna Rosati Hansen, actress of Jerzy Grotowski and Peter Brook. This path has allowed him to acquire great expertise and competence in the artistic and pedagogical field in the leading groups of all ages and social backgrounds.

He carried out stage about mask and movement, dramaturgy and direction at the International Campus of Commedia dell'Arte by Academy Silvio D'Amico in collaboration with the Festival dei Due Mondi of Spoleto, conducted by Michele Monetta and Lorenzo Salveti.

He keeps studing acting, diction and phonetics, education and use of voice with Roberto Petruzzelli of the school of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, who also directed him in Othello and Macbeth by Shakespeare.

He learns the art of puppets from Enzo Vacca and Roberto Petruzzelli of the Teatro Abeliano of Bari.

He deepened the art of the Artistic Fencing with Maestro d'Armi Giovanni Rapisardi in Padua, president of the Académie d'Armes Internationale and member of the National Academy of Fencing in Naples.

He is the author of Massì, a short film, which first dealt with the sensitive issue of the legal support administration and winner at Social World Film Festival 2016.

With his first collection of poems, Bianche ombre, he was finalist for the Literary Award Camaiore XXII edition and with the second, Rhumore, he is the winner of the fifteenth edition of the Literary Award Osservatorio.

AURORA GRASSO and FABRIZIO BELLINO met while attending the workshop of Commedia dell'Arte held by Nicoletta Vicentini at the Teatro Abarico in Rome. They decided to undertake a research path together.

Thus, they found themselves in Florence where they participated at the workshop of Commedia dell'Arte and Mask techniques conducted by Alessio Nardin.

Masks became their guides and led them back to Rome, where they were admitted at the Atelier Commedia dell'Arte by ICRA Project, directed by Michele Monetta, debuting one as Brighella and the other as Pulcinella.

Their research continues.

They studied, deepened and experienced the Theatre and the Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal and Paulo Freire with Jordi Forcadas Baladier from the Forn de Theatre Pa’ Tothom of Barcelona and Roberto Mazzini of Giolli Coop as actors in different plays of Forum Theatre.

For the Architettando Association they made a theatre creation for an urban requalification project in collaboration with the Association Campomarzio of Trento and Superuse Studios of Rotterdam (ND).

Their research continues.

They deepened the material art and learned how to built masks and puppets, the illustration and color usage techniques, studying, amongst others, with Paola Del Ferraro and Cristiana Cerretti, developing later an innovative methodology. 

They participated as actors, directors and playwrights in various works of classical and contemporary theatre, civil and mask and puppet theatre.

Pedagogues of art, they have put their artistic and teaching experience to children and adults, especially in the social sphere.

They are FIABRICA.


Their research continues.