C’era una volta una bambina molto carina, 

ma così carina, ma così carina…

Ciambelle e pan con l'olio e mettiti in strada!

CAPPUCCETTO e il Lupo bianco is the result of a theatrical series in dialogue with the audience by FIABRICA within Fiabrica in Residenza, Theatre and Pedagogy project inhabited by Aurora Grasso and Fabrizio Bellino at Palazzo Pretorio di Cittadella (PD), activated by Fondazione Palazzo Pretorio, with the support of the Municipality, in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Social Services.

It is born out of the specificity of the residence at Palazzo Pretorio, where there is Bruno Munari's show, with which the artists have met. FIABRICA, crossing Author and Popular tradition, and observing the contemporary, has also conducted a research trail on Cappuccetto and Lupo figures to reach the creation of an original theatre fairy tale. The important audience interventions were reworked by the artists. An allegory is born: the relationship between Cappuccetto and Lupo bianco becomes the representation of the many oppressions present in contemporary society. The project also saw the participation of the Children Coordination of the Italian Section of Amnesty International, called to be present every time for a focus on the issues of rights, linking to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. Therefore, this play aims to social consciousness, always through poetry of masks, clown and puppets.


The pedagogical-theater project CAPPUCCETTO e il Lupo bianco in 2017 is selected for the Studies' section and in 2018 for the New Figures' section at the Otello Sarzi Award, as part of the Marameo Festival, in Marche, Osimo (AN).