FIABRICA is Theatre, Art, Pedagogy.

It was born in 2015, after years of research and experience in the artistic and social field by Fiabricanti, Aurora Grasso and Fabrizio Bellino. 

Fiabricanti have experienced an Artistic Residence in Veneto, at Palazzo Pretorio di Cittadella (PD), with Fiabrica in Residenza, a Theatre and Pedagogy project, activated by Fondazione Palazzo Pretorio, with the support of the Municipality, in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Social Services. 

They continuously collaborate with communities for the care of children, people with psychosocial disabilities, disabled people.

Their pedagogical-theater project CAPPUCCETTO e il Lupo bianco is selected for the Studies' section and, later, for the New Figures' section at the Otello Sarzi Award, as part of the Marameo Festival, in Marche, Osimo (AN).

Pedagogists, they won a research grant, through the University of Padua, for a period of research and professional activity at the Puppetry in Education and Therapy Section of London School of Puppetry, in England, in Derby, where they practiced various techniques of puppetry in artistic, pedagogical and therapeutic field, deepening the shadow and puppet theater, and having the opportunity to experience particular techniques of Puppetry, such as the Japanese Otome-Bunraku. 

They participated in the Third International Symposium on "Puppetry:Community, Health, Well-being and Disability in the social, pedagogical and therapeutic field" at Newman University in Birmingham, in collaboration with UNIMA (International Marionette Union) Research, Development, Education and Therapy sections, meeting methods of approach from exponents of different parts of the world.

They are part of the UNIMA community.

FIABRICA hands down and betrays, regresses to progress, retrieves the tradition, the language of our lands and waters.

It invents. It seeks in the contemporary, living in new languages.

It makes fairy-tale an instrument of pedagogy, art, theatre, research, inquiry, civil engagement.

Every action is a work of pedagogy, it is aimed to social rehabilitation or awareness.

FIABRICA is for everyone, for children hiding inside the adults, for the adults hiding inside the children.