regresses to progress

retrieves the tradition, the language of our lands and waters

invents, seeks in the contemporary

living in new languages

makes fairy-tale an instrument of pedagogy, art, theatre, research, inquiry, civil engagement


every action is a work of pedagogy, it is aimed to social rehabilitation or awareness

There was once a Fairy Tale.

It came from two different lands very far from each other, the Southern Sea and the Northern River in the west, but east.

It set off from the Capital and then up and down the italian boot.

Between jokes in the fogs, feet in the mud and verses sung, it found itself in the alleys of the dangers court.

It was an enchanted world where there was the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

Along the paved streets of ramshackle cobblestones, it met witches, magicians and charlatans, but its efforts have not gone in vain.

After many adventures and spells in the labyrinth of fear, it came to find itself in the dark vaults.

With a leap from the moon and a jump on the planets, he tumbled from the cold secrets stairs.

It found itself in a chimney of a magical Factory.


Fairy Tale turned into



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