fiabrica is fairy tale

it is a non-place place

in a non-time time

it is the smile of a tree

it is the hat of a witch

it is the mask of Harlequin

it is the nose of a puppet

it is a filò in the countryside

it is Cinderella's slipper

the boot of a cat

it is the perfume of a fool

the match

the spinning wheel

the mirror

the carriage

it is a rose

a pumpkin

it is a Neverland

it is a land of toys

it is a pear

it is a whale

it is a lantern in the bottom of the sea

it is the tears of a clown

it is the Pierrot's laugh

it is the cry of Red Riding Hood

it is a crumb in the woods

it is the wand of a fairy

it is the breath of an elf

it is the kiss of the prince

it is the magic pot

it is stars noise


it is a dream come true


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fiabrica è DOC