Fabrizio Bellino comes from a town nestled among the olive trees and the railways, the almond trees and eco-monsters, not far from the sea, in Puglia looking at the East.

He graduated in Dramaturgy and Screenplay at the National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio D'Amico in Rome, trained, amongst others, by Daniela Bortignoni, Esmeralda Calabria, Roberto Cavosi, Ugo Chiti, Luciano Colavero, Maria Letizia Compatangelo, Edoardo Erba, Giancarlo Germino, Giovanni Greco, Umberto Marino, Stefano Piani, Giuseppe Piccioni, Sergio Pierattini, Andrea Purgatori, Sergio Rubini, Giuseppe Rocca, Lorenzo Salveti.

Pedagogist, he graduated in Pedagogy, with a Master's degree thesis on Puppetry in pedagogy and therapy, at the University of Padua, deepening the qualitative methodology of research in the sociological field with Salvatore La Mendola and Philosophy for Children with Marina Santi. He wins a research grant for a period of research and professional activity at the London School of Puppetry, Derby (UK), directed by Caroline Astell-Burt, where he experiments with different techniques of puppetry in both the artistic and pedagogical fields.

He graduated in theatre direction with the play Due emigranti, at the European Theatre Academy in Rome, accredited by M.I.U.R., directed by Mariagiovanna Rosati Hansen, actress of Jerzy Grotowski and Peter Brook.

He graduated in Science of legal services, with a thesis on theatre and cinema inside prisons, at the Faculty of Law, University of Bari Aldo Moro, studying, amongst others, with Enzo Maria Dell'Andro and Guglielmo Siniscalchi.

He carried out stage about mask and movement, dramaturgy and direction at the International Campus of Commedia dell'Arte by Academy Silvio D'Amico in collaboration with the Festival dei Due Mondi of Spoleto, conducted by Michele Monetta and Lorenzo Salveti.

He studied acting, diction and phonetics, education and use of voice with Roberto Petruzzelli, school Piccolo Teatro of Milan, who also directed him in Othello and Macbeth.

He learns the art of puppets from Enzo Vacca and Roberto Petruzzelli of the Teatro Abeliano of Bari.

He deepened the art of the Artistic Fencing with Maestro d'Armi Giovanni Rapisardi in Padua, president of the Académie d'Armes Internationale and member of the National Academy of Fencing in Naples.

He is the author of Massì, a short film, which dealt with the sensitive issue of the legal support administration and winner at Social World Film Festival 2016.

He was finalist for the Literary Award Camaiore XXII edition with his first collection of poems, Bianche ombre and he is the winner of XV edition of the Literary Award Osservatorio with the second one, Rhumore.



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