Aurora Grasso was born in a medieval village, embraced by castles and fields, the Brenta River and the factories, not far from the mountains, in Veneto, but part of her origins comes from the island of Etna.

She graduated as an actress, at the Venetian Theatre Academy of Venice, directed by Renato Gatto.

Pedagogist, she graduated in Pedagogy, with a Master's degree thesis on Shadow Theatre in pedagogy and therapy, at the University of Padua, deepening the qualitative methodology of research in the sociological field with Salvatore La Mendola and Philosophy for Children with Marina Santi. She wins a research grant for a period of research and professional activity at the London School of Puppetry, Derby (UK), directed by Caroline Astell-Burt, where he experiments with different techniques of puppetry in both the artistic and pedagogical fields.

She graduated at the University Ca' Foscari of Venice in History and Philosophy, with a thesis on the theatrical masks, studying with Giorgio Brianese and Umberto Galimberti

She graduated in Art Theatre Counseling, with a thesis on theatre direction, at the European Theatre Institute in Rome, accredited by M.I.U.R., directed by Mariagiovanna Rosati Hansen, actress of Jerzy Grotowski and Peter Brook.

She carried out her traineeship at the School Counseling CIPA in collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata. 

She deepened her study of voice and singing with Renato Gatto, Sandra Mangini, Enrica Bacchia, Sonia Fontana, Abe Rie, Patryk Pawlak, Mayumi Matsuo.

She studied diction and spellings with Antonino Varvarà and theatre history with Roberto Cuppone.

She also deepened her competence in theatre dance and contemporary dance with Laura Moro, Silvia Gribaudi, Frank Radug and Marigia Maggipinto.

She had been initiated to the Clown’s world and the neutral mask by Giovanni Fusetti, experiencing the Lecoq method.

She was selected as well to participate in the Master in Commedia dell'Arte conducted by Carlo Boso in Rome.

She studied the mask construction, in particular with Mastro Gianni Polesello from Venice.  

She attended laboratories and seminars held by some of the most important exponents of the contemporary theatre scene, as Giuliana Musso at Centro Teatrale Umbro, Alessandro Serra from Teatropersona, Enrico Castellani from Babilonia Teatri, Vitaliano Trevisan at Fondazione Venezia, Massimo Munaro from Teatro del Lemming at Teatro Momo, Venice.

As a radio speaker for Radio Ca' Foscari, she has designed and conducted a program about Theatre, meeting with many exponents of the Italian theater scene. 

She deepened the art of puppets at Theatre La Casetta in Rome, directed by Federica Mancini. 

She is actress in Donne e Madonne directed by Michele Modesto Casarin, in Woyzeck by Georg Büchner directed by Adriano Iurissevich, in I Figuranti by Josè Sanchis Sinisterra and Shakespear(at)e directed by Roberto Serpi, in Epi-phaneia, in Natura artis magistra e in Brucia fiaba senza morale per voce e corpo directed by Laura Moro.

She is actress and creator in Tre cordeAltrOltreSogno di un centro di mezzo ascoltoConTattoGli estremi portano alla pazziaRugiada sul petrolioIf I can’t dance it’s not my revolutionEl gevare incioà Storielle di Ceo PajaroIl mondo non esploderàL’opera vaganteAgamennoneLo zoo di vetroIl marinaio.


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