was born in 2015


carries out research and creation

in the artistic and pedagogical fields

brings theater, art and pedagogy projects

in cultural contexts

Theatrical Circuits, Festivals, Independent Spaces, Bookstores, Libraries, Cultural Centers

and in educational and social contexts

Host communities, public and private welfare Organizations, Schools

realizes site specific projects


it's animated by

Aurora Grasso and Fabrizio Bellino 

Pedagogists, they collaborate with various External Criminal Enforcement Offices, conducting projects of art and pedagogy applied to the social, activating support, accompaniment and reflection paths for people in the external criminal area, with the general purpose of preventing recidivism and promoting social inclusion of people living in conditions of deprivation of personal freedom.


They have won a research grant, through the University of Padua, for a period of research and professional activity at the Puppetry in Education and Therapy Section of London School of Puppetry, in England, in Derby, where they have practiced various techniques of puppetry in artistic, pedagogical and therapeutic field, deepening the shadow and puppet theater, and having the opportunity to experience particular techniques of Puppetry, such as the Japanese Otome-Bunraku. They have participated in the Third International Symposium on "Puppetry:Community, Health, Well-being and Disability in the social, pedagogical and therapeutic field" at Newman University in Birmingham, in collaboration with UNIMA (International Marionette Union) Research, Development, Education and Therapy sections, meeting methods of approach from exponents of different parts of the world.


They have experienced an Artistic Residence at Fondazione Palazzo Pretorio, arriving, through workshops and studies open to the community, to the creation of some pedagogical-theatrical projects, which draws inspiration from the work of Bruno Munari, exposed during the Residence, feed on a direct confrontation with the Minors Coordination of the Italian Section of Amnesty International and which required a research phase at the IUAV University of Venice for an in-depth meeting with the Japanese Nō Theater and investigative activities in various areas of Italy affected by natural disasters.


A pedagogical-theater fiabricato is selected for the Studies' section and for the New Figures' section at the Otello Sarzi Award.

Aurora Grasso and Fabrizio Bellino 

met while attending the workshop of Commedia dell'Arte held by Nicoletta Vicentini in Rome, as part of their respective training courses at the European Theater Institute, a center that combines artistic and pedagogical aspects.


They decided to undertake a research path together.


Thus, they found themselves in Florence where they participated at the workshop of Commedia dell'Arte and Mask techniques conducted by Alessio Nardin, organized by Cantiere Obraz.

Masks became their guides and led them back to Rome, where they graduated at the Atelier Commedia dell'Arte by ICRA Project, directed by Michele Monetta, having the opportunity to research the world of masks both from a historical and technical approach.

They studied, deepened and experienced the Theatre and the Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal and Paulo Freire with Jordi Forcadas Baladier from the Forn de Theatre Pa’ Tothom of Barcelona and Roberto Mazzini of Giolli Coop as actors in different plays of Forum Theatre.

For the Architettando Association they made a site specific theatre creation for an urban requalification project in collaboration with the Association Campomarzio of Trento and Superuse Studios of Rotterdam (NL).

They deepened the material art and learned how to built masks and puppets, the illustration and color usage techniques, studying, amongst others, with Paola Del Ferraro, Bruno Leone's school, and Cristiana Cerretti, B17 Illustrations, developing later their own methodology. 

They participated as actors, directors and playwrights in various works of civil and contemporary theatre, mask and puppet theatre.

They hold workshops in the artistic and pedagogical fields mainly in social contexts.


Together, they are fiabrica

Aurora Grasso was born in a medieval village, embraced by castles and fields, the Brenta River and the factories, not far from the mountains, in Veneto, but part of her origins comes from the island of Etna.

She graduated at the Venetian Theatre Academy of Venice.

She graduated in Pedagogy, with a Master's degree thesis on Shadow Theatre in pedagogy and therapy, at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology (FISPPA) of University of Padua.

She graduated in Art Theatre Counseling at the European Theatre Institute in Rome, accredited by M.I.U.R., with a thesis on Theatre Direction.

She graduated in History and Philosophy at the Department of Humanities of University Ca' Foscari of Venice, with a thesis on the theatrical masks.

Fabrizio Bellino comes from a town nestled among the olive trees and the railways, the almond trees and eco-monsters, not far from the sea, in Puglia looking at the East.

He graduated in Dramaturgy and Screenplay at the National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio D'Amico in Rome.

He graduated in Pedagogy, with a Master's degree thesis on Puppetry in pedagogy and therapy, at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology (FISPPA) of University of Padua.

He graduated in Theatre Direction at the European Theatre Academy in Rome, accredited by M.I.U.R. .

He graduated in Science of legal services at the Department of Law of University of Bari Aldo Moro, with a thesis on theatre and cinema inside prisons.


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